sideRETRO stores its source code on github and uses Meson build system to manage configuration and compilation process.

Building requirements

The building requirements for Meson can be obtained using package manager or from source. For example, using Ubuntu distribution:

$ sudo apt-get install python3 \
                       python3-pip \
                       python3-setuptools \
                       python3-wheel \

Installing Meson

The recommended way to install the most up-to-date version of Meson is through pip3:

$ pip3 install --user meson

For more information about using and installing Meson, see:

Project requirements

If any requirements are not installed, during building, sideRETRO will download, compile and statically link against the library.

Compiling and installing

First, you need to clone sideRETRO repository:

$ git clone

Inside sideRETRO folder, configure the project with Meson:

$ meson build

if everything went well, you will see a new folder build. Now it is time to compiling the code:

$ ninja -C build

It will be created the executable sider inside the folder build/src/, which can already be used. Anyway, if want to install sideRETRO to a system folder:

$ sudo ninja -C build install

By default, sideRETRO will install under /usr/local/. The configure script can customize the prefix directory. Run:

$ meson build configure

for instructions and other installation options.